Hey Moonies!

Let me start off with a story of how Sailor Moon TV was formed. I used to watch Sailor Moon back in the 2000’s but like many of us I didn’t watch all the episode, eventually I forgot about it. Fast forward to 2012 I was watching Robot Chicken and saw the episode with Sailor Moon, and I was like “oh I remember that show”. After that I was like “hmm I should watch Sailor Moon” so I went online and tried to find the episodes but for some odd reason they were hard to find. I eventually downloaded the episodes and watched them. I was thinking that If I had a hard time finding episodes then others are too. I uploaded all 159 dubbed episodes to YouTube and to my shock I had so many views. Then my YouTube got banned so I thought I should make a website and thus ClubSailorMoon and SailorMoonTV was born.

You may have noticed that this website does not have any ads, this is because I would like Moonies to have an ads free experience. I created this page because I have been getting lots of inquiries on how they can donate and show their support.

Here is a breakdown of my costs:

Items Yearly Monthly
Domains  $    36.00  $       3.00
Servers  $  1640.00  $    136.00
Episodes (DVD’s)  $  180.00  $    15.00
Misc.  $    50.00  $       4.17
Total  $  1906.00  $    158.17

*All amounts are in USD

Currently, I only have PayPal, if you would like to use another processing site let me know. If you have any questions you can contact me using the contact page. Thank You for your support!