Super Sailor Mini Moon attempts to use the Golden Crystal to destroy Queen Nehelenia and the Dark Moon Circus, but is captured and knocked unconscious. When Super Sailor Moon gets to Nehelenia on a floating platform, she sees that Nehelenia’s aged appearance as a result of Mini Moon’s use of the Golden Crystal. Nehelenia explains that she was once queen of an asteroid and worshiped for her beauty by her people, until she asked her mirror if she would stay beautiful forever. Upon seeing the old woman she would become, Nehelenia consumed her servants’ dream mirrors, turning them into Remles while retaining her youth and beauty, and was consequently sealed away by Queen Serenity. Sailor Moon looks on in pity, and an infuriated Nehelenia throws Rini over the edge of the platform. Sailor Moon dives after her and transforms into Princess Serenity; she catches up to Rini, awakens her, and together they use the Golden Crystal to land safely on Earth. At that time, Nehelenia seals herself back into the mirror to regain her beauty as it flies off. Rini says goodbye to Helios, who returns to his home world of Elysion.


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