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Are you experiencing loading issues and/or buffering issues? The reason for this is because we have an influx in new members and our servers are not meant to handle this many users.

Fortunately, I do have an solution. You can use the backup links posted below. The videos are posted on a third party site so there are chances that it can be taken down and there may be ads. Hope this helps, enjoy moonies!

DIC/CloverWay English Dub

Season3 (Sailor Moon S): https://www.mp4upload.com/users/ClubSailorMoon/51121/SM ENG DUB S3

Season 4 (Sailor Moon Super S): https://www.mp4upload.com/users/ClubSailorMoon/51072/SM ENG DUB S4

Season 5 (Sailor Stars): This season was not dubbed by DIC/CloverWay due to restriction back in the 90’s.


VIZ English Dub

Season 1 (Sailor Moon): https://www.mp4upload.com/users/ClubSailorMoon/92426/Viz Dub S1

Season 2 (Sailor Moon R): https://www.mp4upload.com/users/ClubSailorMoon/92422/Viz Dub S2

Season3 (Sailor Moon S): https://www.mp4upload.com/users/ClubSailorMoon/92398/Viz Dub S3

Season 4 (Sailor Moon Super S): https://www.mp4upload.com/users/ClubSailorMoon/92397/Viz Dub S4

Season 5 (Sailor Stars): https://www.mp4upload.com/users/ClubSailorMoon/92396/Viz Dub S5

For Viz Eng Dub Season 5, you can only see up to episode 17, the rest of the episodes have not been released by VIZ yet. We have no date to when they will release it, check http://clubsailormoon.com for the latest news.

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