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  • I kinda feel like even in 1992 Japan, a parent’s response to their 14yo daughter’s weight gain would be: “Honey, you’re 14. You’re not done growing. You’re SUPPOSED to gain weight.”
    …the entire plot of this episode seems to hinge on NOBODY saying that…

    Also, did a kid’s cartoon from 1992 really just show a teacher swinging her hips as she walked? AND show a *particularly* well endowed cleavage on a 14yo girl in a bathtub?
    …ballsy moves, Toei animators…or just Japanese pervishness…I’m not sure which.

    “The young and succulent energy of girls.” …OK Pedo…where’s my barb-wire-wrapped bat?

    Even in this version, her snack-eating scene would qualify for the “Dub or Porno?” question.

    “And if you give me any grief, your face is gonna pay the price.” Nice! Luna is BASED!

    Why does Usagi’s transformation music sound like an ’80s porno background track?

    The DiC dub was funnier.

    • Well, Japan has a lot less morality with women’s bodies than the U.S. Cases in point: 12 year-old Misty having the chest of a full-grown woman, Asuna from SAO having larger boobs than normal, and pretty much every woman in Wanna Be the Strongest in the World