On her way to school, 14-year-old Usagi Tsukino briefly encounters a cat with a crescent-shaped bald patch on its forehead. Elsewhere, a shadowy man creates a woman out of clay, tasking it with obtaining a “Legendary Silver Crystal”. Meanwhile, after Usagi hears from her friends about the masked vigilante, Sailor V, who recently thwarted a robbery, she and her friend Naru Osaka to visit her mother’s jewelry store, which is undergoing a sudden sale for some reason. After briefly bumping into a man wearing a tuxedo and getting lectured by her mother for her low test grades, Usagi is once again approached by the cat, who reveals she can speak and that her name is Luna. Luna gives Usagi a broach, allowing her to transform into a Sailor Guardian. After transforming, Usagi hears a plea from Naru, whose mother had been replaced by a monster named Morga who was using the discounted jewelry to drain energy from those who bought them. Calling herself “Sailor Moon,” Usagi confronts Morga but the monster orders the possessed girls who had bought jewelry from her to attack her. The Sailor Guardian’s cries of anguish turn into ultrasonic waves and render the possessed girls unconscious. With encouragement from the tuxedo-wearing stranger, Usagi kills Morga using her Moon Tiara Boomerang. As Usagi sees off the stranger, who introduces himself as Tuxedo Mask, the shadowy man watches over her actions.

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