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  • – The opening sequence text crawl is back. Interesting.
    – Also, it looks like the font for the episode title has been changed.
    – “The object vanished without incident.” …except for that 3m crater in the sidewalk… For that matter, did anyone ever ask how that bridge got so severely damaged two episodes ago? I feel like even Japan would deploy military forces to protect their capital from further incidents. The city should be locked down with SAM batteries, tanks & soldiers basically everywhere.
    – Gravity switch? S-Moon was 9m in the air. That’s basically falling 9m. Flat on her front. That’s cracked ribs, bruised organs, broken teeth and dislocated jaw at a minimum.
    – “Rini! Pull harder!” (Today on “Dub or Porno?”)
    – For a city of 33 million people (in 1993), Tokyo sure has some empty streets.