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  • I have tried both of the posts and neither is allowing me to watch it. I have refreshed it over and over and it is still not working.

  • Toei animators really needed to work on drawing airliners in 1993. Despite that, credit to Toei animators for their clever use of multiple background layers in that airport shot, and the precision of lines in rendering the airport terminal background for the plane to emerge from behind it. However, one demerit for drawing Ami travelling in her school uniform (not even in the 90s, not even in Japan). Come on, animators! You’ve drawn her in a number of different street clothes outfits, before.

    “I’ll bet you couldn’t find Germany on a map.” — The cat’s got jokes.

  • Thank you for doing God’s work. I Have always wanted to watch the rest of Sailor Moon in the Negamoon arc and beyond but DIC didn’t dub it/tv didn’t show it at the time. This is a gift to my 10 yr old self. I’m 36. 💕