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  • Who wrote and story-boarded this arc? A team of writers actually laid this out, looked it over, had their supervisors/editors review this and those editors sign off on it. How many hands did this go through with everyone of them saying, “Yep, this looks good. Send it.” The whole Moonlight Knight being the spirit of Darien, yet separated from him after his memory reset, yet still a physical person, yet merging with him when he regains his memories? And Serena / Usagi still pining over his loss, despite not losing him because he merged with the guy she loved because he was a part of Darien? … I’m blaming Toei Animation for this steaming pile of full-moon-excrement (pun FULLY intended). Toei animated all of this and did so for this arc.

  • Oooon the other end of the spectrum, be it the (un?)intentionally hilarious DIC dub, the plot, or the simplicity of it; I actually rather do like this arc. Serves almost like a mini-season.

    • Same. I skipped it during my first watch of the series because I was told it was all filler. I’m watching it now—both the 90’s and VIZ dub versions—and it’s a really cool story. I love the characterization of Alan and Ann in both versions.