When Chibi Chibi reveals herself as the Light of Hope, Chaos gains complete control over Galaxia and Usagi is encouraged to kill the evil entity as she’s no more a Senshi. But Usagi still believes there’s hope for Galaxia.


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  • The main reason why Chibi-Usa wasn’t apart of the second part of the final season is because Galaxia went for Mamoru’s Star seed first which is what that light was that hit the airplane in that episode 172 I believe.
    This is key reason why her and Mamoru weren’t in the majority of this season.
    To put it bluntly Galaxia killed Mamoru to get his Star seed and if he’s dead then Chibi-Usa can’t exist in the future either, bottom line.

  • I can’t believe I did it, 200 episodes of Sailor Moon that I watched in 3 months. It’s been a great summer, and this was a very good show 🙂

    I don’t know why, but I feel like this show is gonna be one of those that I’m not gonna forget, and I’m glad for that. Thank god for this awesome website, and thank god for this awesome show


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