The fourth episode


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    • This dub is original from Canada. I grew up watching this when I would come home from kindergarten for lunch. So many great memories all those years ago. I’m now slowly introducing them to my little niece

      • Hopefully your niece loves Sailor Moon. Are you also going to introduce her to the VIZ dub (new dub)?

  • AHHH! Thanks so much, was scouring the internet for this version, I grew up on this EXACT DUB! Made my dreams come true, thank you!!

  • Actually, it’s the original, the voice for usagi’s mother is the same one for the third season. So over all, it’s still a delighted show, nostalgia really

  • i am so happy that i was able to find this! i grew up on this exact dub and i’ve been searching for it for months and it’s just as i remember it!

  • Ah I’m so happy because this is free and it has all the episodes! I have been looking for a place to watch sailormoon. 😀 thank you <3