The twentieth episode

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  • When North American did not release the PC Engine of Sailor Moon 1994′ about Nephlite re-born, he meet Sailor Jupiter for the first time which it is considered a canon timeline of the anime – it is the best fan fiction… The PC Engine of Sailor Moon was released in Japan, it too bad that us fan were shocked that Nephlite came back from the dead and being re-born and to see Molly/ Naru again..

    Off course he was dead, but he was re-born on the Sailor Moon PC Engine and was assumed by Past Wiseman, for some demons of the evil doer…..

    I remember this episode after getting off from art school..

    It is a sad and emotional episode, but we get to see Nephlite/ Nephire in Sailor Moon PC Engine meeting with Naru/ Molly again and met Sailor Jupiter for the first time.