The morning news says Aino Minako is in London recording a new song. Tuxedo Kamen also announced to the media that he is after the Ginzuishou and it is worth several hundred million yen. The expert Aoi-sensei is offering advice on the crystal.

There is a mass uproar and the senshi discuss what is happening at Crown Karaoke. Usagi protests that Tuxedo Kamen is not such a bad guy, while the others point out he’s a thief.

Mamoru is having dreams of a princess asking for the Ginzuishou

Queen Beryl turns Jadeite back into a stone in order for him to regain his energy. Nephrite, frustrated that Beryl favors Jadeite and Zoisite, decides to let Tuxedo Kamen find the Ginzuishou and then take it from him.

Imposter Tuxedo Kamen are also attempting robberies. Rei is approached by the president of Narita Products, Narita Masanobu, to protect what he thinks is the Ginzuishou.

Usagi and Naru discuss her crush at school, although Usagi admits she doesn’t really know Tuxedo Kamen and she won’t tell Naru who he is. Naru suggests that she’d better go after him or she’ll regret it.

Ami offers to go in Rei’s place, and Makoto and Usagi agree to go too. Ami goes in miko garb, Makoto dresses as a police officer and Usagi pretends to be a groundsworker. While there Aoi-sensei shows up to appraise the gem.

From her perch in a tree, Usagi spots Tuxedo Kamen entering the grounds. She dresses up as him and runs away to distract the guards. Aoi-sensei takes the opportunity to run with the crystal and give it to Nephrite.

Ami and Makoto run to stop Nephrite and chase him down after transforming.

It turns out that the Tuxedo Mask Usagi helped wasn’t the real one either. And after some confusion, she flees and transforms into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury continue to fight Nephrite and force him to drop the crystal, which shatters. He flees.

Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon talk. He says he told the media about the Ginzuishou because he has no special powers and he needs to find the crystal to find out who he is.

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