Usagi is running late to a meeting she called. She wants the girls to help her make a costume of Aino Minako’s mascot Nako Nako for a contest. The girls aren’t interested in helping her so she reveals that she screwed up on her homework and can’t prepare for her test and enter the contest herself. Makoto wants to help then, but Rei refuses.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite asks Zoisite for a favor. Nephrite insults Jadeite to Queen Beryl, but Beryl admonishes him for not succeeding in his mission either.

Makoto goes to Rei’s shrine to hang Usagi’s wish and overhears Rei having a bad conversation on her TeletiaS. Rei is still stubborn and refuses to be friends with Makoto and Makoto storms off without hanging the wish.

At home, Usagi works on her English homework, much to the surprise of the rest of the family. Shingo convinces Mama that Usagi might snap, and when Mama brings Usagi some food she finds Usagi dressed in her costume and acting in character and tells her she doesn’t have to study that hard.

At school, Ami and Makoto are surprised that Usagi actually did her homework and then worked on the contest.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite explains that he can send Jadeite’s spirit to where Sailor Moon is.

Makoto goes back to the shrine to hang up the wish and finds Rei being forced into a car by men in suits. Makoto follows and finds Rei trapped in a room and dressed up. Rei explains that she is supposed to be going to dinner with her father and she doesn’t want to. Rei’s father is a politician who seems more interested in making himself look good than actually being a father to her.

At the costume contest, the radio begins playing Zoisite’s music and the contestants pass out.

Makoto dresses up as a room attendant and brings a room service tray up to Rei’s room. Rei hides in the cart and the two escape.

Jadeite appears at the contest and immediately goes after Usagi. She transforms but is overpowered.

Zoisite’s music also affects Aino Minako’s radio and she sees him coming after her, but gets the radio turned off in time.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter come to the rescue and defeat Jadeite.

Rei and Makoto compete in the contest since Usagi is still out. Neither win and they agree not to tell anyone else.

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