Sailor Moon chases a youma at night, but gets tricked and Tuxedo Mask saves her once again. He gets injured and runs away. Sailor Moon goes after him, but Sailor V warns her to stay away from him because he’s dangerous.

Zoisite sits at his piano in the Dark Kingdom while Nephrite reports to Queen Beryl that Zoisite thinks that Sailor V is the princess. Nephrite also expresses his displeasure with Zoisite’s methods and at being used as a messenger boy. When they leave, he also taunts Jadeite.

Usagi goes to Crown Karaoke and stumbles on Motoki putting away a tuxedo and thinks he’s Tuxedo Mask. She agonizes for awhile over whether to tell everyone else.

In the secret room the senshi and Luna discuss Sailor V and whether or not she is the Princess.

The next day Usagi brings Motoki some food for Kamekichi. In return, Motoki gives her tickets to the local amusement park. Usagi goes with Rei and Makoto and meets up with Motoki, Mamoru (who Usagi is very surprised to see) and Kouta Takai.

They split into pairs (Usagi/Motoki, Makoto/Mamoru and Rei/Takai) and go on rides and such. Usagi drags Motoki, Mamoru and Makoto into a maze. Rei and Takai end up staying away from the others because Takai has the hiccups and Rei senses that something is wrong. Those inside the maze get seperated and Mamoru and Usagi find each other and get in another argument before trying to find the others.

Takai becomes possessed by a youma and starts collecting everyone’s energy in his turtle backpack. Rei tries to stop him, but succumbs to his power and is forced to call for help. Mamoru witnesses Usagi transforming in the mirror maze.

The youma releases Takai and Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter attack. When the youma is defeated, it drops the backpack and Jadeite comes to retrieve it. He launches a blast at the two senshi, but Tuxedo Mask gets in the way. His hand is injured and Sailor Moon bandages it with a scarf.

Sailor V again warns Sailor Moon to stay away from Tuxedo Kamen.

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