Usagi, Naru, Kanami and Momoko go to the park to watch a hot boy (Takeru-san) play basketball. When Usagi is left behind and targetted by a group of punks, a tall girl comes to her rescue.

It turns out that the tall girl has transferred to Juuban Junior High because of a fight at her old school.

Usagi spots the girl after school, and after finding out her name is Kino Makoto, drags her around downtown. After shopping, they stop to eat and Usagi finds out that Makoto lives alone because her parents died.

Usagi takes Makoto to meet Rei, and Rei suspects that Makoto might be the fourth senshi.

By now, Takeru has quite an audience of girls when he plays basketball, including Makoto. Something odd happens during the game, and a flash of red light surrounds the girls, but it soon passes.

Haruna-sensei takes away Naru, Momoko and Kanami’s pictures of Takeru-san during class, and Usagi spots Makoto in the background of one of the photos. She quickly realizes that Makoto has a crush on him, although Makoto denies it.

Makoto finds a letter from Takeru-san in her post box. In it, he asks to meet her.

Unbeknown to the senshi, Takeru-san and the girls who witnessed the basketball game are possessed. He calls the girls to him while Makoto waits elsewhere for him.

Back at Krown, Usagi, Rei and Ami discuss Makoto’s crush and Rei admits that she’s not the type to go chasing after boys. Ami says that Makoto makes a very good bento box, which she’s seen since they both eat on the roof.

Makoto waits and waits for Takeru-san until it starts to rain. It turns out the rude boys that she saved Usagi from were the ones who sent the note. Usagi and company are angry at their behavior and plot a bit of revenge.

Usagi, Rei and Ami dress up as a bunch of wannabe thugs and beat the boys at their own game, literally. Meanwhile, Makoto goes back to her apartment building and finds Takeru-san there, but he’s not “himself”. When she wakes up again, she’s trapped with the rest of the girls in a alternate dimension, but she’s not brainwashed like the rest of them. Once she realizes what’s going on, she punches him and the illusion is broken.

While the other girls finish up their basketball game, the youma inside Takeru-san reveals itself and attacks him and Makoto. Distraught after seeing Takeru-san run away, Makoto flashes back to being abandoned, but Sailor Moon appears in her mind and Makoto gains the ability to transform. She dispatches the youma before the other girls can even arrive.

Zoisite watches them and finds their talk of Sailor V “interesting”.

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