Ami becomes obsessed with the idea she now has friends and worries that she will do something inappropriate and lose them. She forces herself to eat lunch in the classroom, fail a test in order to get detention and say she’ll to a sleep-over with Naru and Usagi.

On the way home from school, Ami passes a bookshop. There’s a drama about betrayal playing, and she imagines herself in the story, with Usagi being the betrayer. Afterwards, she buys herself a book called “How to be a Friend.”

At the sleep-over, we learn that Ami’s glasses are cosmetic and that she has no idea how to put on makeup. Trying to fit in is such a strain on Ami that she actually passes out. When Ami wakes up, Usagi discovers that Ami has been reading from a “How to be a Friend” book and feels bad that Ami is forcing herself to do things just because she thinks she needs to.

Rei and Usagi go to a ceremics exhibit to examine the suspicious pendant of the lecturer. Nephrite is also there and sends a youma to investigate.

Usagi finds a name card on the floor, which turns out to belong to the mysterious young man she’s been bumping into. His name is Chiba Mamoru, and he learns her name as well and promptly insults her.

When Ami shows up at the exhibit, she sees the youma and transforms. However, the youma is much too fast for her and she has to use a sort of sixth sense to judge where it will appear. Ami is unable to defeat the youma and a tree falls on her, trapping her. Finally, she calls her friends for help.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon are able to defeat the youma and Tuxedo Kamen determines that the crystal is a fake. They are disappointed that Ami didn’t call them immediately for help, but are understanding.

Usagi’s friends are mildly surprised that Ami isn’t eating lunch with Usagi again, but they laugh it off. Up on the rooftop and eating her lunch alone with a book, Ami realizes that she has forgotten her glasses.

Ami is unable to make the change to having friends immediately, but Usagi realizes that she will be time.

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