The senshi find themselves in a dark cave. Sailor Moon cradles Endymion in her lap. Queen Beryl appears and asks Moon why she always takes everything from her. Beryl says that Serenity is the true evil because she killed Endymion.

Serenity realizes that Endymion has been killed and transforms into Princess Sailor Moon with a shriek. She declares that she will destroy everything.

Jadeite arrives to rescue Queen Beryl before Serenity attacks her.

Ami rushes after Serenity, but Serenity attacks her. Ami, Rei and Makoto decide that they must stop Serenity because Usagi would not want to destroy the world.

The senshi transform, but Serenity sends youma to stop them. The youma are too strong and the senshi are forced to call on new weapons, but to no avail.

The Dark Kingdom starts to crumble, but Beryl refuses to leave. She removes the curse on Jadeite, but he refuses to leave her side.

The senshi are unable to stop Serenity and she sends force a blast which destroys all life on Earth.

Usagi wakes up in a wasteland and realizes what has happened. Mamoru comes to her and tells her that she has to release the rest of the power of the Ginzuishou to rescue everyone.

Mamoru gives Usagi a ring and she releases the last of the power as they kiss.

The senshi’s lives go on as if time has gone back one year. Minako’s first album has just been released. But the senshi realize that something is missing and they remember Usagi.

Usagi and Mamoru wake up in the middle of nowhere. They are visited by the Shitennou, who tell them that they will live on if their friends remember them.

Usagi and her friends find each other again as Mamoru, Luna and Artemis look on.

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