The senshi attend Minako’s funeral.

Usagi meets Mamoru on the bridge on the way back from school. He tells her that she doesn’t have to smile when he’s around and that it’s all right for her to use the Ginzuishou. He also asks if she will stop anyone who tries to destroy the Earth, and she tells him that as long as she can use the Ginzuishou, she will be okay.

Mamoru confronts Kunzite where he is resting in the woods. The two fight viciously. Jadeite has been tasked by Queen Beryl to kill Mamoru before Metallia takes him over completely.

Shingo answer the doorbell at the Tsukino residence only to find Mio. She kidnaps Usagi and brings her to watch the fight between Mamoru and Kunzite.

Luna manages to warn the remaining senshi, and they go to the bridge where Rei was taken by Mio before.

Kunzite manages to disarm Mamoru, but before he can kill Mamoru, Metallia begins to manifest herself. He asks if Mamoru was planning to die with Metallia in him and laments that Mamoru hasn’t changed.

Sailor Mars announces that she will complete the mission of the past life. The others agree and they are transported away.

Kunzite moves in for the kill, but sees Jadeite’s attack and takes the blow for Mamoru. Mio and Usagi arrive in time to watch Kunzite collapse in Mamoru’s arms. Kunzite says that Mamoru is going to forfeit his life again, and Usagi overhears and realizes what Mamoru has done. Kunzite tells Jadeite that his master is not Beryl, but Endymion. Kunzite turns back into his stone, and the stone breaks.

After Kunzite’s death, the power of Metallia begins to take over Mamoru.

Queen Beryl realizes the Metallia’s power can no longer be stopped. The senshi come to confront her, but she tells them there is no point in protecting Usagi since the whole world will be destroyed.

Mamoru tries to kill himself before Metallia surfaces as Usagi watches in horror. He’s too late and he becomes fully possessed and destroys Mio. He turns to attack Usagi, but she transforms into Sailor Moon and tries to use the Ginzuishou to save him, but her Moonlight Stick is destroyed.

The other senshi arrive, and Mars tells Moon that Mamoru is already gone, but Moon refuses to believe it. The other senshi tell her not to fight and they will take care of it. The senshi use their strongest attacks yet, but they have no effect.

As Moon tries to get to her feet, she stumbles across Endymion’s sword and she hears his voice telling her to destroy Metallia.

Sailor Moon charges at Endymion and a bright light flashes as she runs him through.

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