At Crown, Luna reminds Mizuno Ami and Tsukino Usagi how important it is that Hino Rei works with them.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is fed up with Jadeite’s failures and summons Nephrite.

A rich woman plans to show off the “Mystical Blue Crystal” at her Halloween party. Ami and Usagi decide to go check it out, but Nephrite, Rei and Tuxedo Kamen all have the same idea. Usagi bumps into Chiba Mamoru again on the street, where he’s a jerk to her.

At the party Ami shows up as a cat-girl, Usagi wears a bear-mascot costume, Tuxedo Mask shows up as himself and Rei attends with a mask on. Usagi bumps into Tuxedo Mask, but he doesn’t see her within her enormous mascot head. Nephrite forms a youma and sends it to possess the owner of the Blue Crystal while Rei, Usagi and Ami investigate.

Ami and Rei find the possessed woman and transform. Sailor Mercury snatches away the crystal and makes a run for it while Sailor Mars covers her. When Mars attacks, the youma splits in two and entangles her in tentacles. Usagi races to her rescue, but the zipper on her costume gets stuck and she can’t reach her transformation brooch. Mars breaks free of the tentacles and saves both of them.

When the two reach the roof, Mercury is being chased by both youma. As soon as all three senshi are transformed, the youma splits into three. Attacking the youma one at a time it useless, the attacks must be timed to hit all three at once. Finally, the senshi time their attacks to C’est La Vie which the DJ at the party has cued.

Once the youma are destroyed, the senshi find that Nephrite has stolen the Blue Crystal. Tuxedo Kamen steps in to fight the Shitennou, and ends up knocking the crystal box out of Nephrite’s hand and over the edge of the building. Sailor Moon catches it, but falls over the side. When Tuxedo Kamen tries to save her, they both fall. Luckily, the Moonlight Stick activates itself and stops their descent. Sailor Moon starts singing C’est La Vie, and Tuxedo Kamen comments on how well she sings.

Luna asks Tuxedo Kamen about himself, and he tells her that he’s after the Crystal as well.

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