Endymion tells Sailor Moon that he is now her enemy. He says they cannot let the world be destroyed.

Mio asks Endymion if he thinks Usagi is crying, but Endymion tells her that she is stronger than that.

Usagi seems horribly upset, but the senshi find out that it’s just because she’s on a diet. She thinks that Mamoru was just acting.

Artemis is worried about Minako. He wants her to delegate some of her work.

Usagi comes home to find Shacho in her house. It turns out that he and Mama were friends in school. Now he wants Mama to try out to become a “housewife reporter.”

Mamoru tells Kunzite to attack the Princess.

Shacho has Mama, Usagi and Shingo doing all sorts of crazy activities while he films them for Mama’s tryout.

A sniper youma sets up its weapon and takes aim at Usagi. Usagi and Luna run away from the filming and transform.

Luna uses her special hearing to listen for where the shots are coming form. They confront the youma and Kunzite appears. Luna taunts Kunzite and tries to smack him again with her fan, but he senses where she’s coming from.

The youma chases Sailor Moon around the forest, and she manages to break its gun. It runs away, and Usagi is confronted by Endymion.

Luna changes her fan into a golden fan, but it’s so heavy that it falls out of her hands and smacks the youma in the head. While it’s disoriented, she attacks it with Luna Sucre Candy.

Endymion slashes the Moon Phase, and Usagi gets so upset that the Ginzuishou activates. The world begins shaking, and Kunzite retreats. Shingo, who was walking on a bridge, gets knocked off onto the railing.

Finally, Usagi is able to regain control over the Ginzuishou. Mamoru says she shouldn’t put her trust in him, but in herself.

Minako decides that she’s going to quit being an Idol.

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