Luna comments that it appears that Princess Serenity has awoken. Usagi decides that she can’t be a crybaby.

Mamoru faces a table full of disgusting food. Mio tells him that when he eats, they’ll go to Metallia. He demands to see Zoisite and the others, but Mio tells him that one of the Shitennou has gone missing.

In the middle of the night, Serenity takes over Usagi again. Luna wakes up to find her gone and goes looking for her, following the sound of a harp.

Jadeite struggles with the idea that Queen Beryl used him as a hostage. Mamoru enters the room where the remaining Shitennou wait.

Ami “stands in” for Usagi. Mama doesn’t notice because her contacts aren’t in. Mama asked “Usagi” to take care of the house while she goes to the doctor. Shingo is confused, but says nothing. Makoto comes by as well, before Mama has to leave.

Rei talks with Minako, who is preparing for a movie. Artemis thinks that Serenity was much too powerful. Minako introduces Rei as Mars Reiko on the set, and takes the opportunity to dress her as Nako Nako.

Ami, Makoto and Luna have a Rock, Paper, Scissors match to determine who will stay at watch the Tsukino’s house before Mama goes. Makoto loses and convinces Mama that she’s sick and has to go to bed.

Zoisite tells Mamoru he should leave the Dark Kingdom, but Mamoru refuses. Kunzite threatens Mamoru, but Zoisite stops him. Kunzite has a flashback to the past, where he’s trying to train Endymion in swordfighting, but Endymion is as reckless as ever. Kunzite tells Mamoru that he lost everything the day was destroyed. Kunzite attacks, but is stopped by Mio.

Nephrite awakes in human form in Tokyo, a little emotionally unstable from the trauma.

Mamoru is taken before Beryl.

Minako finishes telling Rei the story of the destruction of the Earth. In the end, Beryl broke into the Moon Palace, and then somehow, something destroyed the planet.

Beryl tells Mamoru that she’s wanted him ever since the past life. He had everything she wanted, but he only had eyes for Serenity. She tells him that once Metallia is fully awakened they will have total control over the planet. But Metallia is growing stronger despite the fact they haven’t collected more energy.

Ami hears the harp music playing while searching for Usagi, and calls all the others. They gather, and are attacked by the youma that Metallia is forming. They defeat the first batch, but more form.

Beryl tells Mamoru that Metallia is reacting to Serenity.

The senshi find Princess Sailor Moon playing her harp. She tells them that she was the one who destroyed the planet.

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