Minako is refusing visitors in the hospital.

Queen Beryl punishes Kunzite and Zoisite for defying her. She calls Nephrite back into her presense and he claims he will be more loyal than ever.

Mama and Shingo tease Usagi about having a boyfriend after overhearing Usagi call Mamoru. Usagi and Mamoru go shopping for a “get well” present for Minako.

Minako confesses to Rei that she has a terminal illness and only has two or three months to live. Rei asks why Minako doesn’t get treated, but Minako tells her that her only treatment has a very low success rate and she doesn’t want to waste the time she has left.

Usagi passes a watch in a window caused the Moon Phase. She tries to point it out to Mamoru, but he’s already walked off. She causes a scene by yelling for him, but thanks to Mama’s teasing, doesn’t want to call him by a pet name. Mamoru asks her if she forgot his name, and she storms off. Mamoru buys her the Moon PHase.

Queen Beryl remembers how Endymion rejected her in the past and vows that it will be different in this life.

Mio approaches Mamoru as he is walking by himself. She tells him that the Shitennou are waiting for him.

Usagi runs, saying someone is calling her, and the other senshi follow.

Mio disappears while Mamoru watches, and Beryl appears. She tells him that she’s been waiting to meet him again.

The senshi arrive and wonder what is going on. Beryl tells Usagi to give up Mamoru and then calls the Shitennou. When they appear, she has them turn their swords on themselves. Beryl tells Mamoru that if he doesn’t come with her to the Dark Kingdom, she will kill the Shitennou.

Usagi protests that you can’t force someone to return your love, and Beryl responds by having the Shitennou attack her. The senshi block the attack, but are unable to return to their feet.

The horror of watching Mamoru go to Beryl causes Sailor Moon to transform into Princess Sailor Moon. Beryl attacks her, but the attacks have no effect. The Princess calls her sword and uses it to deflect attacks, without regard to where the attacks land. She also uses the sword to do a powerful star-shaped attack.

Beryl tells Endymion to kill the Princess, and to prove she’s serious, has Nephrite kill himself. Mamoru hugs the Princess and tries to call Usagi back, when she becomes herself again, she de-transforms. To save the Shitennou, Mamoru goes to the Dark Kingdom, and Usagi faints away.

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