Usagi is going to bed early in order to get tickets to Aino Minako’s concert the next morning.

Mamoru waits in Mio’s hospital room. When she wakes up, he tells her what happened. She reaches for his hand, and it is revealed that Queen Beryl is the one controlling her.

Mamoru calls Usagi to tell her about Mio and says that he’s going to stay because no one from Mio’s family came.

Minako is also back in the hospital. Artemis is worried about her condition, but Minako says that she lives to complete the mission of the past life.

Mio wants “to show her gratitude” but Mamoru wants nothing to do with her.

Kunzite comments on Queen Beryl’s obsession with Endymion to Zoisite. Kunzite thinks that if he has control over Endymion, then he can control Beryl. Zoisite wonders how he can protect the Master alone.

Minako sees Mamoru leaving the hospital and follows him. Mamoru leaves on his bike, but Zoisite shows up. Minako transforms to fight Zoisite, but they come to an agreement that they both want the same thing: to keep the Prince and Prince apart. Zoisite gives Sailor Venus a music box in exchange for a promise that she’ll protect Endymion.

Usagi and Makoto discover that there are no tickets to Minako’s concert left.

Minako picks up and takes Usagi to lunch with her. Usagi tells Minako that her songs help her when things are going badly and Minako fingers her music box while feeling guilty.

Mio approaches Mamoru again, and although he backs away, she latches onto him. Minako accidentally drops the music box, which begins to affect Usagi. Meanwhile, Mio drags an obviously brainwashed Mamoru along.

Zoisite warns Minako that Beryl is taking Mamoru but Minako is more concerned about the music box making Usagi forget Mamoru.

Kunzite attacks Mio and Mamoru on a roof top, but Jadeite gets in the way. During the battle, Kunzite accidentally slashes Mamoru’s arm, causing Mio’s spell to break.

Usagi starts singing “C’est La Vie”, even as her memories are being erased. Realizing how much Usagi loved Mamoru, Minako accidentally let the music box slip from her hand.

Sailor Moon shows up on the rooftop and Mio teleports away. A free-for-all between Endymion, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Kunzite and Jadeite starts, but ends quickly when the skies darken and Queen Beryl recalls the Shitennou.

Sailor Venus gives Sailor Moon an envelope with Aino Minako tickets. Usagi finally figures out the Minako is Sailor Venus.

During the concert, Minako collapses on stage.

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