Usagi and Makoto discuss why the youma was after Rei. It appears as though the youma wants revenge for the burn Rei left on it. Rei arrives at Crown Karaoke with an overnight bag, she says her father keeps waiting around the temple for her so she plans to stay at Crown.

Queen Beryl tells Jadeite to target Mamoru, not Usagi. She tells him to be satisfied with serving her.

Zoisite appears to Mamoru, and tries to warn him away from Usagi. Mamoru doesn’t want to hear it, but tells Zoisite that he needs to know everything about the past life.

Makoto brings Rei an enormous bento box. Makoto also asks Motoki if she can borrow a room.

Ami arrives at Crown as well. She also wants to stay. She tells Rei that she’s never fought with her mother before so she doesn’t understand how to talk to her. Rei says that she’s impressed that Ami and her mother can talk to one another openly, it seems all Rei and her father do are butt heads.

Ami’s mother looks at the message Ami left on her cellphone. The normal white-board is completely blank for the first time, and she remembers Ami’s writing on it as a child.

Ami and Rei decide to have a party and play with their TeletiaSes and all the toys at Crown.

Rei’s father examines a photograph of his family. It is the same as the one in Rei’s room, but in his, he is standing off to the side and not cut out.

Makoto is still at Crown as well, and Motoki brings her some food without her knowing.

Rei agrees to meet her father in the church cemetary. Ishida Shoushi tells her that her father has been trying to talk with her for months, that’s why he kept inviting her to meetings and interviews.

The youma appears again, but Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon take it on rather than let it interupt Rei and her father. Rei asks her father why he didn’t come to the hospital. He says he really was just too busy with work, and that’s why he had her raised at the temple as well. He asks her to come eat with him, but she tells him no, but maybe she might eventually.

Ami’s mother finds Ami at the Merry-Go-Round, but Ami gets a call from Luna telling her about the youma. Ami tells her mother that it’s more important that she be with her friends than study.

All four senshi defeat the youma.

Ami’s mother is leaving on a business trip. Before she leaves, Ami tells her that she thinks she will still become a doctor.

Rei has finally put her father back in her photo.

Mio faints in the road in front of Mamoru’s bike.

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