Usagi finds the scarf she made tucked away in her drawer.

Kunzite tells Nephrite that if he remembers the past, Endymion will control him instead of Queen Beryl. Zoisite says he’s being disrespectful, but Kunzite reminds him of what happened in the past. Mamoru remembers the destruction as well. The Shitennou begin to bicker and Jadeite wonders what the past life they keep talking about is.

For a brief moment, Mamoru turns into Endymion. Kunzite asks him if he’s going to go back to hiding, because if he isn’t, Kunzite will try to kill him.

Motoki finds out that Mamoru went missing in London, but no one he calls there speaks Japanese.

Usagi wants to go to London, but Luna forbids her.

Queen Beryl questions Zoisite on why he didn’t answer her summons. Jadeite ratted him out. Zoisite refuses to tell her where Endymion went, even when she tortures him.

Mio offers Usagi a ride, and Usagi tells her about Mamoru going missing in London. Mio offers Usagi a chance to go to London. All she has to do is be a personal assistant to the male Idol, Yuuto.

Usagi blunders her way through several tasks and Minako finds out about Mio’s plotting. She tells Usagi to go home right away. Usagi won’t listen, so Minako sends Artemis to tell the other senshi.

Artemis tells Luna about Usagi’s plans. She and the other senshi agree that Mamoru and Usagi cannot be together for the sake of the planet.

Minako runs to where Usagi and Yuuto are leaving the TV studio to head for the airport, but Mio gets in the way.

Yuuto stops at a dock because he decides he doesn’t feel like going to London anymore and throws Usagi’s ticket out of the car. While she tries to retrieve it, the youma possessing Yuuto releases him and attacks Usagi.

Before the youma can kill her, Endymion appears. She transforms and after a brief battle the youma is destroyed.

Mamoru says he returned from London without telling anyone. Mamoru tells Usagi that their relationship in the past life destroyed the planet, but he refuses to believe that their current relationship will do the same.

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