Mio makes it seem like Usagi abandoned her when the youma came, and her classmates hate her for it.

Makoto ignores Motoki’s rather bizarre attempt to ask her out. Luna sets the senshi doing the paper butterfly training.

Kunzite threatens Jadeite, but Jadeite warns Kunzite that he’s currently Queen Beryl’s favorite. Beryl summons Kunzite and threatens him if he interferes with Zoisite. Kunzite realizes that she wants Endymion to awaken for another reason.

The girls at school are still being mean, so Usagi eats on the roof with Ami. Naru confronts Mio about her story, but Mio uses some sort of power on her.

Minako confronts Mio about why she transfered to Usagi’s school. Mio puts on a big show of being upset at the accusation.

Mio apologizes to Usagi, saying she spoke poorly. Mio also suggests that she might have accidentally given Minako a bad name, and suggests that they should have a private Aino Minako concert. Usagi protests, but Mio says that she’s already spoken to Minako about it, and they can do it that night.

Mio feeds Usagi lies about Ami and Makoto not coming. The students become upset that Minako hasn’t showed up to the concert on time. Mio helpfully offers to do the concert instead, but Minako does show up.

Mid-concert, a youma shows up and Usagi runs off to deal with it. The youma is strong and traps Usagi in energy ropes. The Ginzuishou activates again, and the Moonlight Stick acts of its own accord to cut her free.

Minako confronts Mio about the fact that Mio didn’t tell her about the concert. Mio has another crying fit and convinces Usagi not to hate her, but Minako tells Mio never to do anything like it again.

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