The senshi have a “welcome back” party for Ami.

Minako finds out that the new Idol, Kuroki Mio, got a commercial over her.

Usagi and Shingo get into a fight over whether Minako or Mio is cuter.

Zoisite contacts Mamoru again. Kunzite asked Zoisite why he won’t just let Mamoru die without remembering anything.

Queen Beryl says that it’s the future for Endymion to rule over the Earth with her. Jadeite reports that he is haven’t no problems with his enhanced problems.

Usagi and her friends say that they like Minako better than Mio. But when they find out that Mio has transferred into their class, everyone but Usagi suddenly changes their mind.

In gym class, the girls have a volleyball game which. Mio, who is on the other team, spikes the ball right into Usagi’s face. She also kicks Usagi in the shins when she thinks no one is looking.

Luna is having trouble getting into Crown Karaoke with her Crown Passport until Ami and Makoto show up.

Mio asks Usagi is she hates her. She asks Usagi to be her friend as well. Usagi feels bad for making friends with Minako’s rival.

Luna is making Ami and Makoto try to catch paper butterflies with chopsticks. Ami remembers the excersize from the past and Luna comments that she should awaken soon. Rei grabs a butterfly on the first try.

Artemis brings a message that Minako is worried that Mio goes to Usagi’s school.

Mio asks Usagi who she likes. When Usagi talks about Mamoru, Mio crushes her ice-cream cone. While Mio washes her hands in a restroom, a youma attacks. Usagi throws Mio out of the way of the blast and Mio “hurts” her wrist. Usagi hides Mio in a stairwell while she runs off to take on the youma.

Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter attack the youma, but it has a cloak that deflects their attacks. The youma catches them all in energy bonds. Sailor Moon cuts their bonds and they try to use the Moonlight Attractive Attack, but the monster knocks away Mercury’s Sailor Star Tamborine.

The youma tries to grab it, but Mercury uses her water powers to hold it in mid-air until Sailor Luna can catch it.

After the youma is destroyed, Usagi goes back to bandage up Mio. The other senshi decide that Mio doesn’t seem like a threat.

When Usagi arrives at school the next day, she finds out that the other kids think that she was the one who hurt Mio.

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