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Dark Mercury goes to strike the new senshi, but has a flash of remembrance. The other senshi explains that Mercury had been exposed to the Ginzuishou when Serenity awakened, weakening the spell on her. With a flash of the Moonlight Stick, the senshi disappears and then reappears on a bridge, quickly turning into Luna.

Queen Beryl wonders how to get the Ginzuishou from Serenity. Jadeite tells her to leave it to him. She then asked where Nephrite is, and Jadeite says that’s he hasn’t seen him since Nephrite failed to kill Usagi.

Zoisite approaches a moping Nephrite, telling him to remember, but Nephrite wants nothing to do with it. Nephrite again remembers Dark Mercury giving him the new cape.

Rei and Makoto examine the Sailor Star Tamborines. Usagi rushes in, saying that she can’t find Luna and Luna said that she had a big announcement. First she thinkss that Luna’s not a cat. She’s a dog. Then she thinks that Luna’s getting married. Usagi doesn’t know what Luna had to say. She picks up the tamborine meant for Ami.

Still on the rooftop, Dark Mercury continues to have flashbacks.

Usagi is hit in the head with a paper ball while she walks home from school. Luna, in her humanoid form, tells Usagi that the spell on Ami is weakening, but Luna is scared off by a small dog.

Luna also surprises Rei in the toy store, but before she can reveal her identity, she’s distracted by a falling display of balls.

While Makoto is cooking, she is handed the pepper by Luna, but she’s so surprised that she drops the pepper. Luna sneezes and disappears.

Dark Mercury watches the moon and has more flashbacks. Kunzite comes to bring her back to the Dark Kingdom.

Luna tries to tell the senshi her identity, but Usagi gets a call from Ami. Usagi tells them that Ami said to meet her by the Merry-Go-Round.

Dark Mercury blows Kunzite off and threatens him if he interferes with her plans. Rei and Makoto go to the Merry-Go=Round, but Ami is not there. Usagi runs to the convention building where Ami actually said to meet.

Dark Mercury and Sailor Moon fight, but are interupted for Luna. Luna uses her LunatiaL to change into Sailor Luna. Kunzite also joins the battle, to take on the newcomer. Luna hops around, taunting Kunzite. She eventually smacks him in the face with her fan, which angers him enough that he attacks hard enough to turn her back into plushie form.

The spell on Dark Mercury starts to fail again and Sailor Moon tries to heal her. At the last moment, Kunzite calls to her and Dark Mercury manages one final blow which shatters the Moonlight Stick.

Rei and Makoto find the note that Usagi left them.

Seeing Sailor Moon fall finally releases the spell on Dark Mercury. She crawls over to Moon and tries to wake her up.

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