Luna tells the story of the Earth and Moon Kingdoms. The Prince of the Earth and Princess of the Moon fell in love.

Sailor Venus explains why she was acting as a decoy to Usagi. None of the other soldiers really recover their memory like Artemis and Venus had hoped, but they remember more. Artemis also tells Luna that he is going to send presents.

Queen Beryl suspects that the Ginzuishou is actually within Usagi’s body. She tells Jadeite that he’s the only one she can trust.

Kunzite stops by to taunt Nephrite and tell him who the Princess is. Kunzite hears Zoisite playing the piano and remembers the destruction of Earth and sees the other three Shitennou dead.

Mamoru lies in a hospital bed, where Zoisite contacts him. Zoisite tells him that his relationship with Usagi is dangerous. He disappears when Hina knocks on the door.

Luna continues with the story, saying that the Prince and Princess’ love was forbidden. The two Kingdoms began fighting and the Kingdoms were destroyed. Luna forbids Usagi and Mamoru from being together for the time being.

Hina hands Mamoru his ticket to London and tells him the luggage is all ready.

Motoki is upset because he thinks he screwed up Mamoru and Hina’s relationship. He tells Usagi and Makoto that Mamoru’s plane is departing the day after tomorrow.

In the night, three tamborines appear in Crown Karaoke. Nephrite creates a new youma as well.

When Makoto comes to Crown, she finds Kouta Takai there instead of Motoki. It turns out Motoki had his dates wrong and Mamoru was leaving that day. Usagi is playing with the new, green tamborine, but Makoto drags her to the airport without letting her put it away.

Hina calls off the engagement in the airport and rips up her ticket. Usagi and Makoto sit in traffic, they abandon their cab after sensing a youma and go one foot.

Motoki shows up at the airport with flowers for Hina, but Mamoru tells him that Hina’s decided to go home.

Usagi and Makoto arrive at the airport to find the youma in an entrance hall. They transform, and Sailor Jupiter takes on the youma so Sailor Moon can go to Mamoru, but Nephrite shows up and starts to throttle her. The tamborine Sailor Jupiter was still holding begins to glow, and she shoots a bolt of star-shaped energy with it.

Mamoru says his goodbye and starts to tell Motoki to give Usagi a message, but stops.

Moon and Jupiter destroy the youma and Nephrite flees. Usagi decides not to try and see Mamoru before his plane takes off.

Dark Mercury stands on a roof, facing another senshi with cat-ears and a tail.

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