Kunzite smacks Zoisite around for protecting Endymion. Zoisite says he has to interfere if Kunzite keeps trying to kill Mamoru blames the Princess for the past, not Endymion.

Jadeite reports to Queen Beryl that Kunzite believes that Sailor Venus is not the Princess and that he’s after the real one.

Minako and Artemis discuss how the [[senshi] are awakening.

Hina finds the scarf Mamoru received from Usagi in Act Seven.

Mamoru gets a call from Motoki. Hina wants to hold an engagement party at the same time as [[Mamoru]’s engagement party. He goes to Crown Karaoke and finds Motoki in a turtle costume, supposedly for the farewell party. Motoki says he’s worried about Mamoru and wonders if Mamoru really loves Hina or if he’s just marrying her because her father was his benefactor. Hina overhears and runs away.

[[Kunzite] and Jadeite scheme on top of a building and create a youma while Nephrite ponders what to do and thinks about Dark Mercury giving him a new cape.

Mamoru, chasing after Hina, sees the youma absorbing energy. Usagi also sees the youma and calls Rei and Makoto. Hina is furious with Mamoru.

Rei and Makoto find Kunzite and Jadeite waiting for them. They transform, and Jadeite attacks while Kunzite watches.

Hina is hurt by the youma and she asked Mamoru to stay with her. He agrees and says he won’t leave until she tells him too. Usagi realizes that she’d forgotten how much it would hurt Hina for Mamoru to be with her and transforms into Sailor Moon.

Jadeite, the youma, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter are still fighting in an open room. Sailor Moon joins them, but so does Kunzite, telling her that he will be her opponent.

Mamoru puts Hina on a bench, but pulls away when she tries to hold him back. Hina realizes it’s Usagi who Mamoru is chasing. Mamoru recovers his Tuxedo Kamen costume.

Sailor Venus joins the ongoing battle, and Kunzite tells Jadeite to attack her instead. Venus tells Sailor Moon to help the people outside, but Kunzite locks her in while the youma freezes the other senshi.

Ami enters and transforms and she and Kunzite vie with each other for the chance to kill Sailor Moon. Kunzite aims his final blow, but Tuxedo Mask takes the slash instead.

Dark Mercury threatens Kunzitefor taking her “prey”, but he knocks her aside.

Tuxedo Kamen succumbs to the wound in Sailor Moon’s arms. She cries out his name and her tiara begins to glow. Before everyone’s eyes she transforms into Princess Serenity. Her tears activate the Ginzuishou, and its healing powers heal the victims and Tuxedo Kamen, but they also power Queen Metallia.

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