Zoisite appears in Mamoru’s apartment, playing the piano and calling him Master Endymion.

The Shitennou and Queen Beryl can hear Zoisite playing and realize that Zoisite has reawakened. Beryl orders Jadeite to continue gathering energy and asks Nephrite if he’s going to ever do something worthwhile. Nephrite storms down the hall and runs into Dark Mercury, but refuses to listen to her. Before she goes, she tells him to leave the senshi alone, because they are her prey. [[ Luna]] tells the senshi that they all must awaken their full power if they want to rescue Ami.

On the way to her shrine, Rei runs into a little girl who had been in the hospital. The girl tells Rei that Minako had visited when she was in the hospital.

Rei goes to the hospital, and finds Minako doing a mini-performance for the children there. She is approached by a child for an autograph and finds out that Minako told everyone that she was an Idol called Mars Reiko. Then, Minako tells her that she is lacking something. Minako has also set up a mini-concert for Rei as “punishment”.

Rei is completely perplexed by the karaoke equipment at Crown.

Minako is having some kind of examination at the hospital, and the doctors discuss her having six more months. She faints again.

Mamoru is now sure that Zoisite remembers his past, but he’s already decided to go to London.

Rei calls Usagi to ask for help. Usagi is very excited and helps Rei but Rei feels horrible for having to ask for help. She goes with Rei to the hospital as well. Usagi tells her that she’s glad that Rei has decided to trust her and Rei wonders if this is what she was lacking.

Nephrite makes a youma which attacks while Rei is performing. Minako transforms despite her earlier collapse. She attacks, but is too weak to hurt the youma. She and Sailor Moon chase the youma into an empty entrance. Together, they defeat the youma, but find they are stuck to the ground.

Nephrite appears to kill them, but Sailor Mars arrives as well. She taps into her full power as a senshi and uses a much more powerful version of Youma Taisan, which nearly kills Nephrite.

Dark Mercury taunts the seriously injured Nephrite, and in a rage he tries to attack her from behind.

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