Dark Mercury forms a sword from an icicle and prepares to attack the senshi. Sailor Moon tries to use her healing powers and the Moonlight Stick, but it doesn’t work. Kunzite doesn’t allow Dark Mercury to kill Sailor Moon.

Queen Beryl questions the usefullness of a senshi. Kunzite tells her that he was “lonely” without all four members of the Shitennou. Dark Mercury tells Beryl to wait until she destroys the senshi and she tells Kunzite that she refuses to be anyone’s underling.

The senshi find the mittens that Ami knitted for them when they were all doing their own thing and wonder what they could have done differently.

Mamoru spaces out at dinner with Hina. She asks him if he’s okay with marrying her if he doesn’t remember her past, and he replies that he won’t break his promise to her father and that he won’t go after his past.

Ami brainwashes the other students in Usagi’s class, so Usagi is forced to eat her lunch on the roof like Ami used to.

Kunzite tells Jadeite that he plans to force the senshi into a corner and that Nephrite is focusing too much on what’s in front of his face.

Artemis tells Usagi and Luna that they have to fight Ami, even if she was their friend.

A youma appears at the amusement park, and Usagi, Ami and Makoto rush to fight it. The senshi split up. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter go one way, and Sailor Moon runs another, only to be confronted by Dark Mercury.

Jupiter and Mars chase the youma through an aquarium and into a darkened room. Sailor Moon is thrown into the room by Dark Mercury, and while Jupiter and Mars are distracted, they are attacked by the youma. Sailor Venus saves Sailor Moon, but when she attacks, Dark Mercury easily defeats her.

Usagi transforms back into her civilian form and tries to talk Dark Mercury out of attacking, but Dark Mercury won’t listen and slashes the mittens that Usagi was holding. Usagi’s tears activate the Heart Moon Brooch and she transforms again, and this time the power radiating from her starts to seperate Ami from Dark Mercury. Kunzite steps in before Ami can be completely healed and teleports her away.

Sailor Venus tells Usagi that she’s begun to awaken. Mars and Jupiter come to her side and find that the mittens are whole again.

Metallia’s power is increasing, and Zoisite’s stone begins to glow. Mamoru can hear piano music coming from his apartment and sees a vision of Zoisite.

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