The tiara that Nephrite stole was fake. Kunzite watches the whole scene and decides that he wants his own senshi.

Ami is upset that everyone seems to be going their own way.

Rei confronts Minako about what’s she’s doing, but Minako dismisses her, saying that Rei will remember when her power as a soldier fully awakens. On the way out, Minako faints.

Queen Beryl is getting frustrated with Jadeite and Nephrite’s failures. Kunzite remarks that the Princess may not have the Ginzuishou. When Nephrite asks him why he hasn’t done anything to serve Beryl, Kunzite answers that he’s planning something.

Makoto and Rei both run out of Crown, leaving Ami alone again. Makoto wants to tell Usagi about Mamoru, and Rei thinks that she should learn to fight better alone.

Hikari comes over and says she has a date with Daiichi, but she wants Usagi to come. Mamoru is coming as well to chaperone Daiichi. Makoto tails them in disguise.

Multiple youma appear and Rei goes after them. She realizes that they are illusions.

Jadeite complains to Kunzite about the illusions, saying it will make his job harder. Kunzite asks him if he’s had any doubts about the Princess.

Artemis takes care of Minako after another fainting episode. She hopes that she can fully awaken Sailor Mars.

Hina shows up at the park Usagi and company are at, and Daiichi says something that makes Usagi realize Mamoru is engaged. Hina explains they won’t be married until after they graduate college. Usagi spots the youma illusions and runs off.

Makoto confronts Mamoru as he runs to help Sailor Moon.

Ami is attacked by Kunzite as she walks home from Crown Karaoke. After announcing that she belongs to him, Kunzite attacks with purple energy and Sailor Mercury goes limp.

The youma illusions disappear.

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