The Dark Kingdom views Queen Metallia. Kunzite says some curious things and Queen Beryl questions whether he has lost his memories like the others.

Usagi finishes the scarf she was knitting for school.

Usagi wants to keep her love for Mamoru secret from Rei. Makoto and Ami are keeping Mamoru’s engagement a secret from Usagi.

Rei and Luna are confused by the Princess’ actions. Luna says she is having difficulty contacting Artemis. Rei does not tell Luna who Sailor Venus is.

Minako gives Artemis a booby trapped Valentine’s Day present after leaving clues so the Dark Kingdom will follow her.

The Tsukinos were asked to babysit one of Mama’s friend’s daughters, Hikari. Hikari is upset about something and asked for Usagi’s advice about Valentine’s Day. [[ Motoki]] is depressed that everyone, including Kamekichi, received a gift except him. Makoto gives him the scarf that she knitted and he’s overjoyed.

Hikari and Usagi go shopping of chocolate and Hikari admits she likes a boy named Daiichi. She also spots Hina, Daiichi’s tutor whom he has a crush on. Hina comes out of the store she was in and greets them.

Rei sees the webpage Minako made and is annoyed that she’s sticking out so much. Rei decides to find the building in Minako’s photo.

Usagi and Hikari go to give Daiichi his chocolate, but Hina is there. Hikari starts to cry, but Usagi reminds her that you shouldn’t give up if you truly love someone.

Usagi sees an especially aggresive youma attacking many people on the way home. She transforms and battles the youma. Tuxedo Mask appears and Sailor Moon gives him the chocolate that she had originally bought for Mamoru. He asks her if she was supposed to give it to someone else, but she says that she was going to give Mamoru a muffler instead, but now she won’t because he has a girlfriend. Tuxedo Mask tells her not to give up.

Rei finds the building in Minako’s photo. She transforms and finds Nephrite stomping on Sailor Venus. He grabs her tiara.

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