Sailor Mars tells Sailor Venus off for getting hurt. After remembering the conversation in a car, Minako faints.

Nephrite and Jadeite agree to work together to capture the Princess and the Ginzuishou.

Makoto encourages Usagi to chase after Mamoru even though he has a girlfriend. She thinks it’s better than going after Tuxedo Kamen.

Rei and Minako both show up at the church with food for the dog. Minako attempting to outdo Rei by buying an expensive brand.

Makoto bribes Motoki into telling her about Hina, Mamoru’s fiancee. Hina has known Mamoru since they were children.

Mamoru and Hina show up to view the church during Mass. Both Rei and Minako show up as well. The priest was possessed by a youma and begins collecting the parishoners energy.

Mamoru and Hina try to flee from the youma while Usagi, Makoto and Ami rush to the church. Mamoru and Hina get trapped in the auditorium, but Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon arrive. Unfortunately, so do Jadeite and Nephrite.

After the senshi are knocked down, Sailor Venus shows up again. Mars and Venus seperate and go after the youma while the other three take on Nephrite and Jadeite. Mars and Venus easily take out the youma and Nephrite and Jadeite flee after the other three manage to combine their attacks.

The Shitennou managed to capture enough energy to open the gate to Queen Metallia.

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