Rei and Ami have to pull Makoto from a youma’s trap.

That night in bed, Usagi worries about Mamoru. She tries not to think about him, but he keeps coming back into her thoughts.

Naru is increasingly cold to Ami, because she feels slighted when Ami wouldn’t let her in to see Usagi (because Usagi was transforming into a youma.) Naru continues to mistake Ami’s politeness for an attempt to make her look bad.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite explains a new plan to harvest energy. He kidnaps people and keep them in what he calls an “Energy Farm” in order to slowly harvest their energy. He says Nephrite can be his assistant, which angers Nephrite. The two look to start a fight, but Queen Beryl admonishes them.

Ami sees Naru get attacked by the same youma that attacked Makoto, but is unable to save her before she is kidnapped.

Luna discovers where the missing people are kept, but an invisible barrier is between the senshi and the people. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury combine their powers to try and break the barrier, but it’s no use. Moon runs off.

Ami admits that she wants to save Naru because she feels that it was her fault Naru got captured. She feels jealous of Naru’s relationship with Usagi and wonders if she could have saved Naru if she didn’t hate Naru a little.

Sailor Moon returns with Sailor Jupiter, and together they are able to break the barrier. Sailor Mercury easily destroys the youma by herself and Moon uses her Moonlight Stick to restore the stolen energy.

In school, Naru and Ami work out their rivalry between themselves. They bake cookies in class, and Usagi decides to give hers to Mamoru

In the Dark Kingdom, Metallia starts to awaken from the energy that Kunzite managed to collect and Jadeite wakes up.

Usagi goes to deliver her cookies, but discovers that Mamoru has a girlfriend.

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