Minako sees that another youma is after here, and Artemis comments that the main target of the enemy appears to be the Princess and the Ginzuishou.

Minako’s house was buglarized and some of her jewelry was stolen.

Mamoru muses on Sailor V and Sailor Venus and wonders if she’s the Princess from his dream. He gets an ominous phone call.

Nephrite mocks Kunzite but Kunzite turns his words around into an insult to Queen Beryl. After Beryl orders Kunzite to continue gathering energy, he tells Nephrite that the Ginzuishou might have been stolen from Minako.

Naru and Usagi discuss the burglary. Naru says that some of the stolen jewels are on sale at a jewel auction and invites Usagi to go.

Naru, Usagi, Kanami and Momoko go to Crown Karaoke, and Naru picks up on the fact that there’s something going on between Usagi and Mamoru. She causes Usagi and Mamoru to meet up at the jewel auction.

Usagi realizes the jewels she accidentally knocked out of someone’s hands are really Minako’s. When they try to tell a police officer, the officer blows them off. Mamoru agrees to help Usagi get them back because he’s annoyed at the police.

After a small adventure, they get the jewels back, only to be confronted by the officer from earlir. It turns out that he was possessed by a youma. In the struggle, Mamoru is injured and falls off a overpass.

After defeating the youma and recovering the jewels again, Sailor Moon goes back to patch Mamoru up. Minako escapes again in the confusion of the robbery.

Ami, Rei and Makoto are investigating the missing persons incident that Luna found earlier, when Makoto falls into a youma’s trap.

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