Minako is upset that someone as careless Usagi is Sailor Moon.

Usagi realizes her autograph is gone and goes back to Minako’s room to retrieve the notebook that she dropped. Before she arrives, Shacho, who is possessed, attacks Minako, who has to fight him off. She escapes down a stairwell.

Usagi disguises herself as a doctor in order to get through the crowd of Minako fans. She spots Minako running from Shacho and drags her around a corner and to safety.

Shacho soon catches on, and the two grab a cab. Minako is amazed that Usagi couldn’t sense the youma’s presense in her manager.

Nephrite asks Zoisite why he retreated after trapping the senshi, and Zoisite admits he remembered something. Nephrite taunts him, but Zoisite insults him right back. Zoisite finds himself unable to play his piano.

Mamoru is equally confused about his experience with Zoisite.

Minako is not pleased that Usagi is following her around. But she accidentally gets paint on her outfit and she and Usagi go to a clothing shop. Usagi puts on Minako’s discarded clothing in order to distract the crowd, not realizing that there is a back door to the shop.

Usagi buys cake for the both of them, and they ride a ferris wheel to get away from the crowd.

Nephrite reports to Queen Beryl that Zoisite remembers something and Beryl warns him to stay away from Zoisite. She also modifies Zoisite’s memory because he starts to remember the past.

Nephrite is the one controlling the youma that possessed Shacho, and he orders it to start collecting energy to draw out Sailor V. Usagi is called to take on the youma. Minako decides she is tired of hiding and running and goes to join the battle.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury battle the youma for awhile before Nephrite shows up, demanding to know where the Princess is. Then, Sailor V shows up, transforming to Sailor Venus as Artemis introduces her as the Princess of the Moon Kingdom.

After the youma is defeated, Zoisite shows up to kill Sailor Venus, but he is distracted by Tuxedo Kamen. Venus defeats him with one hit but not before he utters the words “Master Endymion.” Back in the Dark Kingdom he reverts to a stone.

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