When Usagi shows up at Crown Karaoke, she asks where Mamoru is. Motoki explains that he was only there temporarily. Usagi is relieved and admits that Mamoru says things that anger her. Motoki also tells her that Aino Minako was hospitalized.

At the hospital, Minako’s manager (whom she refers to as Shacho) tells her that she’s been disappearing too much and needs to stay in the hospital and rest. She also has a lot of work to do. When he leaves, Minako opens her suitcase which contains the Sailor V uniform.

Zoisite is annoyed that Sailor V survived. Nephrite and Queen Beryl hear him playing again. Nephrite says that the Princess might have the Ginzuishou and requests permission to go after Sailor V as well.

Mamoru is having dreams of the Princess again.

Usagi learns that Minako is in the Juuban hospital from Mama. She tells the other senshi and Makoto agrees to go with her to visit, even though Minako’s location is supposed to be a secret.

Usagi and Makoto disguise themselves as nurses in order to get to the top floors to find Minako.

At Crown Ami stumbles on a website that lists a planetary festival going on, and the special guest is “V”. Luna, Ami and Rei agree to check it out.

Minako prepares to sneak out while Rei and Ami go to investigate the planetary festival. Makoto and Usagi make it up to Minako’s floor, but mistake her manager for a youma. They attract too much attention and in the chaos they are pushed into Minako’s room with Minako and her manager.

Minako signs some autographs and the two girls are rushed out after the TeletiaS rings and Ami tells them to go to the planetary festival. When they show up, they are attacked by Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury and Luna is tied up. Usagi and Makoto transform once Luna warns them that it’s a trap.

Zoisite is behind the trap and he appears in the hall, easily bespelling Sailor Jupiter. He tries to capture Sailor Moon too, but Tuxedo Kamen grabs his hand. Zoisite senses Mamoru’s dream, and there is some kind of magical explosion. Zoisite seems extremely confused and retreats.

At his piano in the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite comes to the realization that he knows Mamoru. Shacho is possessed by a youma while minding his own business in the hospital.

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