Rei thinks about her dead mother and the myth of the Princess Kaguya.

Mama and Usagi have a fight over cheese in the kitchen, and Usagi packs her things to run away from home…again.

Mamoru is taking care of Crown Karaoke instead of Motoki, so Usagi decides she can’t stay there. Naru isn’t home, Ami’s mother is sleeping, Makoto is rearranging via sledgehammer, so Usagi goes to stay at Rei’s shrine.

Rei offers to let Usagi help around the shrine. The kids are putting on a picture show about Princess Kaguya and Usagi helps color it. Luna mentions that the myth may not be fully false and Rei says that her mother always read it to her.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite apologizes for failing. Queen Beryl tells him that acting for her is good enough. She asks about Zoisite and Nephrite says he’s composing a Requiem and that Zoisite creeps him out.

Erika, one of the shrine’s children is drawing the final scene of the myth, because she believes that her deceased mother is waiting on the moon. Rei believed the same when she was young. Usagi feels horrible for talking about her mother when Rei’s is deceased.

Zoisite finishes “Requiem for a Princess” and forms a youma with his music. The song reaches through Tokyo and affects all Princesses, including images, dolls and people. Erika is affected because she thinks she could be Princess Kaguya.

Usagi and Rei transform and go after the youma. The youma’s attacks control their bodies and make them dance. Sailor Mars takes a blow for Sailor Moon and the youma knocks out Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter as well.

Sailor Moon puts all her thoughts and power into the Moonlight Stick and uses it to first defeat the youma and then heal everyone.

Beryl uses Zoisite’s “Soul Flight” technique to send herself to where the senshi are and taunts them. She also reveals that the Moon Kingdom was destroyed and that the senshi are all that’s left of it.

After the shrine’s picture show. Zoisite casts another spell, causing a truck to crash into Aino Minako’s car.

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