During the night, Tuxedo Kamen attempts a robbery, but Sailor V prevents him. The Tsukino household wake up the next morning (Usagi later than everyone else) to the news of her heroics. Usagi runs out of the house for school, but she is attacked by a falling plushie (Luna) that makes her even more late.

When Usagi arrives at class late again, Haruna-sensei is not pleased and points out [[Mizuno Ami] as an example of an excellent student. Haruna-sensei assigns Usagi cleaning duty after school, but Naru stays to help as well. The two girls decide to go to Crown Karaoke when they’re finished, to sing Aino Minako’s new song “C’est La Vie”.

Naru’s mother is a jewelry designer and the two decide to check out the preparations for her newest show. While there, Usagi bumps into a very rude young man, who insults her.

As Usagi sleeps, Luna comes to contact her about being a senshi. Sleepy and a little weirded out, Usagi does not believe her. Luna leaves the TeletiaS behind, telling Usagi to contact her when she’s ready.

Naru brings her mother some food on the day of the jewelry show, but quickly discovers that something is wrong and her mother seems possessed. She attempts to run away but is stopped by Jadeite. Luna witnesses this, and goes to do something only to be hit in the head by Usagi’s falling purse. Usagi is on top of a decorative struction, trying to sneak into the building.

Luna gives Usagi the Heart Moon Brooch and the Lipstick. They use the TeletiaS to turn Usagi into a model so they can sneak inside the Hall. They get their just in time to watch the youma suck the life out of the unfortunate audience.

After a bit of running and screaming, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. She proceeds to run and scream some more, but then her senshi instinct kicks in and she destroys the youma and saves Osaka-san. Upset that his plan was foiled, Jadeite chucks a dagger at Usagi’s head, but Tuxedo Kamen saves her.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Beryl fumes over the rebirth of the senshi. Meanwhile, Usagi contemplates what it will mean to be a senshi.

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  • – Sailor V was Naruto-running in her fight against Tux Kamen…
    – Usagi’s fall from the decorative-struction: dislocated vertebrae disc, broken elbow and head concussion. That’s a lot of hospital time.
    – Gotta give them credit for the camera-phone, disguise thing. That’s a pretty creative take.
    – Pan slowly up her back-side shot as she walked to the entrance? …Really?
    – “Because? Luna…why?” Ah, yes. There’s the Japanese humor that carries this franchise so well!
    – The body-line that, in the cartoon series, divided her waist and chest was re-imagined as an armor plate. Interesting choice.
    – “Tuxedo…Mask. Weird name” The show demonstrates a bit of self-awareness.
    – Beryl’s costume…was that a rejected Rita Repulsa costume?