First Musical 1993 Summer Special Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

This musical is supposed to take place in line with the stories of the anime and manga, after the Dark Kingdom and Beryl are defeated. While the other musical after it will somewhat tackle those stories, this particular musical adheres very closely with established stories and ideas. Such so that it is of note that Luna and Artemis appear only in this musical (even though other kitties will come along).

The title cards before the musical establish that Usagi and company are about to embark on their long awaited summer vacation but they’re just met four mysterious and handsome men!

Confusingly enough this musical starts with singing and dancing, not from the girls, but from their senshi counter points.

**SONG – Mystery Sagashi (Mystery Search)**

Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus The dancing in these first few musical is very simple and influenced by a lot of older musicals from the 70s. There’s a lot of dancing in a line and large hand motions. The music is pre-recorded. This song is also not popular or particularly good because it isn’t used for another 10 years. All the girls are almost haphazard in their direction but it’s kind of cute to watch them dance. Ayano (Mercury) is particularly off-beat in this song.

At the end of the song our girls are startled by dark and mysterious laughter which flows through the auditorium. They come to the conclusion that these laughs are from the four generals and Beryl. We get out first glimpse of our villain as Berly is highlighted on a staircase above them. All the villains of the past season have been revived and the girls are confused by what has happened. They’re attacked with “Dark Power” and they all pretend to be in pain but it really looks like they’re having seizures. The villains tell them that they’ll defeat them and Beryl gloats. Usagi shouts “I want to wake up from this dream!” and suddenly the lights go out.


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