As the two unknown Sailor Guardians leave, the girl Chibiusa saved uses a mysterious power to heal her wound. She introduces herself as Hotaru Tomoe. Soon after, Hotaru’s father Professor Souichi Tomoe presents her with an amulet he says will ease her pain. Kaolinite receives the same omen as Hotaru, Mamoru and Rei regarding the gathering of three talismans. Usagi notices Haruka and Michiru resemble the two unidentified Sailor Guardians. Rei leaves for the mountains to undergo purification training and monitor activities held there by Mugen Academy but is unexpectedly joined by her friends to celebrate her 15th birthday. Eudial of the Witches 5 holds a ceremony involving several students where she has them offer their life energy, or “Hostes” to Master Pharaoh 90. However, Eudial is confronted by the Sailor Guardians and killed by Usagi. Afterwards, she sees one of the unknown Sailor Guardians fleeing the scene and rushes after her. Just when Usagi thought she had lost her, the Sailor Guardian appears behind her and warns her that she and her friends should not interfere. She then kisses Usagi.

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