Mamoru escorts Chibiusa and her friends to an amusement park near Mugen Academy. Kaolinite instructs the Witches 5 to find and eliminate the Sailor Guardians. Usagi and her friends investigate Mugen Academy, but they encounter Haruka and Michiru who tell them not to get in their way. Chibiusa finds a girl crouching on the ground, apparently in pain, and offers help, but she tells her to go away. A cat transforms into a Daimon, and the Sailor Guardians face it off, freeing the cat it was possessing. As Chibiusa checks on the girl to make sure she was not hurt, the girl instead points out the injury on Chibiusa’s arm. Usagi turns quickly sensing someone watching, and everyone sees two figures of unfamiliar Sailor Guardians silhouetted in the moonlight.

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