With Usagi and Mamoru’s death, the Legendary Silver Crystal takes its true form before it and the two being sucked in by Queen Metalia, injuring Luna in the process. The Sailor Guardians attempt to fight in Usagi’s place but are unable to stop Metalia, who uses the power of the crystal to spread her evil all over Earth. Meanwhile, Luna has Artemis take her to the command crystal to ask for Queen Serenity’s help. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, the guardians sense that Usagi is still alive and call upon the power of the holy sword, using their own life force to awaken Usagi, who survived her suicide attempt thanks to Mamoru’s watch. Using the crystal’s power, Usagi breaks free from Metaria’s grasp and is relieved to find Mamoru is still alive. As Usagi struggles to seal Metalia by herself, the spirits of the Four Knights, whose gems had protected Mamoru from the holy sword, inform him of Metalia’s weak point, allowing him to give Usagi the courage to bring out the crystal’s true power.

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