Sailor Moon: Amour Eternal is based on the Dream Arc of the Sailor Moon series.

The title of the latest in the series of Sailor Moon musicals was announced on the Official Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary page, on June 14, 2016,
along with the dates of performances:

[Tokyo] October 15th to 23rd, in the AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo
[Fukuoka] October 29th and 30th, in the Canal City Theater
[Osaka] November 4th to 6th, in the Sankei Hall Breeze

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Usagi and friends are now high school students and trying to live a new life in pursuit of their dreams. However, on the day of the solar eclipse, the “Dead Moon Circus Troupe” appears in search of Pegasus, who hides in the dreams of humans and the hand of evil stretches towards the girls. On top of everything, Mamoru has fallen victim to the curse of the black rose…Priest Helios, of Earth’s holy protective land “Illusion,” warns Usagi and her friends of a danger to life on Earth and tells them to search for the key to saving everything, the “Golden Crystal.” To protect their beloved planet…the Sailor Guardians combine their powers once again!!

Special Thanks to MISSDREAM for the fansub.


Amour Eternal

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