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Main Stories

Sailor Moon


Codename: Sailor V

  1. The Birth of Sailor V!
  2. Minako in “Game Center Crown”
  3. Sailor V Arrives! – “Channel 44” Pandora’s Ambition
  4. The Ambition of Petite Pandora
  5. The Machinations of the Dark Agency
  6. Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga
  7. Sailor V on Vacation – Desire for Hawaii!
  8. Love on the Boulevard – Full Throttle Turbo
  9. Sailor V vs deVleene!
  10. Sailor V in Trouble?! Phantom Ace Arrives!
  11. Pet Chapter 1, Nyan-Nyan’s Schemes!
  12. Pet Chapter 2, Wan-Wan’s Schemes!
  13. Pet Chapter 3, Chuu-Chuu’s Schemes!
  14. The Young Man Who Bet on the Headband Stone
  15. Setting Out on a New Journey

Side Stories

  • Kaguya-hime no Koibito
  • Casablanca Memory
  • Parallel Sailor Moon
  • Exam Battle Stories
    • Chapter 1 The Melancholy of Mako-chan
    • Chapter 2 Ami-chan’s First Love
    • Chapter 3 Rei’s and Minako’s Girls School Battle?
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Side Story
    • The Secret Hammer Price Hall




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Sailor Moon News

Four new Sailor Moon Petit Chara figures have been announced on the official Sailor Moon site. These [...]

The game will retail for $39.99 US and will be released November 9th according to GameStop’s site.Th [...]

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