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Sailor Moon Episode 41 – I Won’t Run Away from Love Anymore: Ami Vs. Mamoru [Viz Sub]

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The Dark Kingdom is trying again to revive the Seven Great Monsters. With five of them already under enemy control, Sailor Mercury and Jupiter scramble to protect Ryo Urawa, while Moon, Mars and Venus stay behind at H...

Sailor Moon Episode 42 – Sailor Venus’s Past: Minako’s Tragic Love [Viz Sub]

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Minako receives a surprise visit from Katarina, an Interpol officer from the UK and Minako’s former partner while crime fighting as Sailor V. The two solved many cases together until a tragic incident forced them to g...

Sailor Moon Episode 43 – Usagi Abandoned: the Falling-out of The Sailor Guardians [Viz Sub]

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Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians appear to have a falling-out. But it’s all part of the plan to locate the enemy’s hideout. Also, a nosy journalist named Nana Asahina, who they suspect is a monster, approach...

Sailor Moon Episode 44 – Usagi’s Awakening: a Message from the Distant Past [Viz Sub]

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Sailor Venus finds the Dark Kingdom's hideout. The Sailor Guardians fall into Kunzite’s trap, which hurls them into the past. The girls find themselves in a world called Silver Millennium, where they meet Queen Sereni...

Sailor Moon Episode 45 – Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle [Viz Sub]

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The Sailor Guardians head out into the Arctic Circle. Having anticipated their arrival, Queen Beryl sends the DD Girls, who ambush them. To Sailor Moon’s horror, the Sailor Guardians fall one after another as they try...

Sailor Moon Episode 46 – Usagi’s Eternal Wish: a Brand New Life [Viz Sub]

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Sailor Moon confronts Queen Beryl and; Endymion. She attempts to free Endymion from Queen Beryl’s control, but his brainwashing cannot be undone. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Sailor Moon is force...

Sailor Moon Episode 22 – Romance Under the Moon: Usagi’s First Kiss [Viz Sub]

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The Kingdom of Diamonds is hosting a party at the embassy to reveal their royal treasure to the world. Believing that the treasure may be the Legendary Silver Crystal, both the Sailor Guardians and the Dark Kingdom cr...

Sailor Moon Episode 38 – The Snow, the Mountains, Friendship and Monsters [Viz Sub]

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Usagi & friends go to a ski resort to participate in the Moon Princess Contest, unaware that it’s part of Kunzite’s plan to find and eliminate the real Moon Princess. During the contest, Usagi and; Rei fall for the mo...

Sailor Moon Episode 23 – Wish Upon a Star: Naru’s First Love [Viz Sub]

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Naru has fallen in love with Masato Sanjoin. Knowing that Sanjoin is really Nephrite, Usagi tries to convince Naru to give up on her feelings without having her learn the truth.

Sailor Moon Episode 39 – Paired With a Monster: Mako, the Ice Skating Queen [Viz Sub]

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Olympic figure-skating gold medalists Janelyn and; Misha offer to coach groups of five girls. Usagi and her friends decide to investigate. Makoto, a master skater, gracefully glides across the ice and soon begins to r...

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