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Sailor Moon R Episode 60 – Angel or Devil? The Mysterious Girl from the Sky [VIZ Dub]

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As Mamoru and Usagi lean in for a romantic kiss, a small girl with bright pink hair falls out of the sky and lands on Usagi, demanding the Legendary Silver Crystal from her. The girl, also named Usagi, quickly gets ni...

Sailor Moon R Episode 59 – True Love Awakens: The Makai Tree’s Secret [VIZ Dub]

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The Makai Tree reveals its history and purpose. Sailor Moon heals and cleanses the tree with her Cutie Moon Rod, which is what it needed instead of evil life energy. The Moonlight Knight reveals himself as a subconsci...

Sailor Moon R Episode 58 – Disconnecting Love: The Raging Makai Tree [VIZ Dub]

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Ail and An begin to feel emotions they have never felt before when they find that the Makai Tree is withering to death. However, Usagi discovers the tree when she opens a door and it tries to capture her and drain her...

Sailor Moon R Episode 57 – After School Trouble: Usagi is a Target [VIZ Dub]

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Usagi and An find themselves stuck in detention together after Usagi is caught eating in class and An mouths off to Haruna. An gradually resolves to reach out and steal Usagi's energy for survival, just as Ail fights ...

Sailor Moon R Episode 56 – Steal a Kiss from Mamoru! An’s Project Snow White [VIZ Dub]

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Mamoru's college friends put on a production of "Snow White", but all the others pull out, so Usagi and friends volunteer. An makes sure she gets the part of Snow White alongside Mamoru's "Prince" role, hoping to stea...

Sailor Moon R Episode 55 – Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako On Fire [VIZ Dub]

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Makoto tries to reach out towards Ail, her latest crush, with a bento of love, but merely ends up getting Ann riled and ready to strike back. Sailor Jupiter becomes much stronger and gains a much stronger and more pow...

Sailor Moon R Episode 54 – The School Festival Is for Me?! Queen Rei’s Song [VIZ Dub]

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Rei goes into song-writing for a festival at her school. Ail and Ann target the event and find themselves unwittingly becoming part of the festivities. Sailor Mars gains a much stronger and more powerful fire/flame-ba...

Sailor Moon R Episode 53 – Mamoru and Usagi’s Babysitting Mayhem [VIZ Dub]

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When a Cardian attacks a nursery, Usagi and Mamoru have to watch over a baby boy together, even though Mamoru still doesn't remember their previous strong and close romantic love connection. Sailor Mercury gains a new...

Sailor Moon R Episode 52 – The Targeted Kindergarteners: Venus to the Rescue [VIZ Dub]

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Minako becomes entangled with a kindergarten student who hero-worships Sailor Moon, just as the aliens choose to target younger victims for their energy. Sailor Venus becomes much stronger and more powerful and gains ...

Sailor Moon R Episode 51 – A New Transformation: Usagi’s Power-Up [VIZ Dub]

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A Cardian attack during a cherry-blossom viewing renders Usagi powerless and her friends helpless until Queen Serenity fuses the Silver Crystal with Usagi's brooch, giving her the Crystal Star Compatc that is activate...

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