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Act 42

(93272E6B)_x264.mp4 Mio gloats about Usagi becoming Princess Sailor Moon again. Queen Beryl orders Jadeite to insert a stone into Mamoru’s body...


Act 43

(FC739CE8)_x264.mp4 Sailor Mercury fights a youma at night. Sailor Moon joins the fight, and she is unusually agressive. When the youma flees, Moon...


Act 44

(A548ED67)_x264.mp4 Mamoru collapses in the Dark Kingdom, and Zoisite comes to help him. Queen Beryl mopes over the fact that Mamoru did not return...


Act 45

(1504DBFD)_x264.mp4 Ami and Makoto wait outside Minako’s room while two nurses rush in. They decide not to tell Usagi the truth. Jadeite...


Act 46

(991F85D3)_x264.mp4 Motoki recovers the charm he dropped and realizes it is broken. Usagi realizes something is very wrong. Usagi finds nothing at...


Act 47

(060E942A)_x264.mp4 The other girls plan a party for Minako. Minako runs into Usagi on the street and tells her that she is giving Usagi her new...


Act 48

(E054B0DB)_x264.mp4 The senshi attend Minako’s funeral. Usagi meets Mamoru on the bridge on the way back from school. He tells her that she...


Act 49 (Final Act)

(E5BE4E59)_x264.mp4 The senshi find themselves in a dark cave. Sailor Moon cradles Endymion in her lap. Queen Beryl appears and asks Moon why she...


Act 50 (Special Act)

(111D5BDC)_x264.mp4 While Usagi cooks breakfast, she tells what the other girls have been doing for the past four years. Ami has become a researcher...


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